To reserve an event with Playland LLC, a minimum deposit of $500 is required. Any payment made to Playland LLC is non-refundable. The reservation is not effective until payment of the deposit is made.

You have until the day of the event to pay the amount of the package and any additional you want.

The 7% tax is charged at the time of booking, the amount for service we suggest a minimum 15% at the end of the party.

The money is not refunded for the cancellation of the event by the client, nor for causes for which Playland LLC is not responsible (weather, hurricane, mandatory closure, or any other reason). if the client cancels the event, the deposit can be used for any Playland LLC service, it can be transferred, but not returned.
A date change can be made up to 7 days before the event at no additional charge.

Non-slip socks are required, for internal playground use, if not available Playland LLC has for sale.

For reserved parties, cakes and sweets are allowed only, Playland LLC is not responsible for the mishandling of these items.

The prices of our additional services are subject to change without prior notice, tax not included.

The host can enter the room 20 minutes before the event with the allowed elements and any additional decoration must be assembled and placed by the client.

Guests enter at the event start time.

There is a $450 charge for unauthorized food or beverages entering Playland LLC.

Playland is not responsible for damages or injuries caused by piñatas or piñatas sticks, it is not allowed to fill them with confetti. The use of this material has a cleaning fee of $180.

For the contracting of external services, consult our Regulations for Vendors in Playland LLC or ask for their authorization.
All authorized vendors must send liability insurance to